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Ayx Systems


Welcome To Ayx Systems.

Here, Thou Shalt Find Useful Tools For Many TasksThat Art Part Of The "Brain" Of Ayx Artificial Intelligence.

Actual Tools Art:

Tool Description Task Location Contact
Ayx Yivu Entrepreneurship Project Assistant, Opportunity Finder, AyxScores.. Design Entrepreneurships, Find Opportunities And Support. On
Ayx Accounting Accounting System (Providers, Sells, Buys, Payments, Etc.). Accounting. On
Ayx Artificial Intelligence Perceiver URL Crawler / Indexer. Indexation Of Data. On
Ayx Back Up Manager Back - Up Data And Data Bases. Back Up. On
Ayx Chart Charts For Many Uses. Charts Creation / Use. On
Ayx Chase Real Time Location Tracer. Get Location, Distance Between Points, Velocity, Time, And More. On
Ayx Data Systems Tools For Data Processing. Data Processing. On
Ayx FTP Client FTP Client On Front - End. File Transfers. On
Ayx Grphics Ayx Pixels: Creation Of Graphics, By Pixels Pixels Creation. On
Ayx Locations Show Locations As Coordenates And Maps. Show Coordenates And Points On Maps On
Ayx Music - Solfege Solfege Writing From Code. Write Solfege With Code. On
Ayx Perception Tools Simulator. Geometry And Events Simulation. On
Ayx Sound - Sound Player Ayx Sound Player From Code. Play Sounds From Code. On
Ayx Sound - Sound Generator Sound Generator From Code. Generate Sounds From Code. On
Ayx Space Manager File Management And Sharing System. Manage And Share Files. On
Ayx Space Manager 2 File Management And Sharing System. Manage And Share Files. On
Ayx Spaces Manager For Ayx Data From Users. Manage Data. On
Ayx Stream Basic Streamer. Stream Audio, Video, Gif. On
Ayx Task Scheduler Schedule Tasks To Run On Every Defined Cicle. Tasks Scheduling. On
Ayx Tracer Trace Location On Map On Real Time. Tracing. / On
Ayx Yivu Designer Design Yivus. Yivu Design. On


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